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5050 SW Griffith Dr. Suite 203,
Beaverton, OR, USA 97005

This radiator guard is designed to protect the exposed radiator fins on the new Concours 1400 from damage due to debris. I found this to be a high quality product that preforms well and I am very happy with the overall fit and design. Installation for the upper supports is a bit tricky, and I found it to easier if you remove the side panels. I made an alteration by putting washers on the top zip ties to create a strapping point that was easier to access. I did it this way to make it easier to remove and clean and reinstall so I wouldn't have to struggle with getting the tie wraps around the upper mounts every time I take it off. Now the upper zip ties with the washers stay in place, and I just use a second set of zip ties through the washers to hold it in place.

It appears to flow air well and won't have a negative impact in cooling airflow of any consequence that I can detect. The titanium model really matches the look of the bike well, and it is anodized and all the edges are rolled over on the screen. This is one product that could indeed save you some grief down the road.

A complete photo gallery of the installation process is here: